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Writerz Bloq TV Welcome to Razor Sharp - Trenton, NJ (609) 393-9199

In this episode we visit William “Bill” Hacket at the world famous Razor Sharp Barber Shop. What other barber shops do you know that have their own brand? These brothers have done just that with 3 shops and a clothing store.

They have over 10 years experience employing some of the best barbers in Trenton. When you step into any Razor Sharp you see people that you know and have history with. They provide many opportunities for the young men of our community both in the barbers they hire and the guidance they provide to the youth. It’s more than just getting your hair cut. Many of these boys and young men come from fatherless homes, but they look forward to getting their haircut because of the things they learn at the shop.

The barbers at Razor Sharp go that extra mile offering guidance and support wherever and whenever they can. This is seen most during the annual Free Haircut Day, a tradition they started 14 years ago. They decided they wanted to give back. They wanted to show the community that they weren’t there just take their money and leave. Free Haircut Day, which is held every year on Labor Day, was their way of saying thank you to the community.

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Razor Sharp From The Heart

Razor Sharp Barbershop
20 Passaic St.
Trenton, NJ 08618
(609) 393-9199

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